Paris Agreement

nevers-etree-construction.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleThis is a photo of the first ever solar tree! It is located in the city of Nevers, in central France, that is currently experiencing a heat wave, along with the rest of Europe. This tree has in interactive LCD built into its trunk and offers docking stations to charge devices, free wifi, and powers a water cooler that delivers water for pets.

At night the leaves light up and illuminate the street. All with solar energy.

France is awesome and has always been a leader in pioneering green technology. It’s also where the Paris Agreement  was signed.

The Paris Agreement is a historic treaty signed by representatives of 195 countries, beginning in 2015,  that pledged to work together to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses and use of fossil fuels.

They vowed to support progressive thinking and funding for ways to discover, create, and adapt sustainable energy sources like, wind, hydro, and this tree, an example of solar power.

Today is another dark day for the US, as our president decided to pull US support for this climate deal, another rash act to further isolate and alienate our country.

Despite support for the agreement from members of his own party including those in the fossil fuel industry, the president perpetuates the ignorant belief that climate change is a hoax.

98% of the world’s scientists believe that human activity since the Industrial Revolution has contributed to the accelerated rate our planet is warming.

The evidence is irrefutable to anyone with a grade school science education.

If you haven’t made up your own mind about climate change, Katharine Hayhoe has a very informative website where you can learn lots of valuable information including how we can all work together to save our planet.

But first we have to believe a problem exists.

climate_street_art_1 Politicians Debating Global Warming, Issac Cordal

Please remember this for the next election and contact your representatives to voice your belief that the only way for our planet to survive is to adapt renewable green energy.



OMG, OMG, You Guys!!!!!

I was picked for  Author Mentor Match !!!

And I’m so happy and still freaking out and can’t believe it!!   Author Mentor Match or AMM is a wonderful program of writers who volunteer their time to mentor unpublished writers by working one-on-one with them by offering advice, support and ideas to improve their work, and guide them through the perils of publishing.

Chelsea Sedoti,  author of the awesome THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT, picked my book and chose to work with me!! I love Hawthorn so much and am so thankful and happy for this opportunity to work with such a talented writer as Chelsea, who wants to help me make my book the best it can be.

She is so funny and kind in her emails and I hope I wasn’t too much of a big dork.

This is how I was trying to be:

 This is what I really was:

I will keep you posted….