Verna Moss

Writer. Reader. Animal Lover. Tree Hugger.

25 Things

1. I believe that the power of the human spirit is unbreakable and possesses an unlimited ability to rise above and overcome anything. 2. The only thing I ever wanted to be was a writer.  3. I’ve always been obsessed with Vincent Van Gogh  4. I’ve always felt like England was my true home, especially London. 5. I learned to knit and crochet from youtube.   6. John Gardner was not a snob. 7. I love to cook and bake. 8. Animals are better than people. 9. I love horror books and movies, and especially Stephen King. 10. But I never let my foot hang over the edge of the bed. 11. I’ve always wanted to be Southern.  12. I love Jack Reacher. 13.  Even though I own the  DVD for Keira Knightly’s Pride and Prejudice, I have to watch it every time it’s on TV.  14. I am also obsessed with both the book and movie, The Age of Innocence. 15. Nature and the sounds of the woods are a balm to my soul. 16. I’m afraid of heights, bridges, and bugs. 17. I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college. 18. I believe in reincarnation. 19.  I  have dreams about the pyramids in Egypt and hope to visit them someday. 20. I love soup. 21. The best day of my life as  a kid was when my cousin’s dog had puppies and he brought them to my grandma’s house in a big box and I got to play with them all day.  22. I was named after Virna Lisi. 23. I can sometimes read 2 books in a day. 24. The most pages I’ve ever written in one day is 12. 25. I believe in signs.

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