#Revpit Bio

Hi. Welcome to my bio for #revpit, a great opportunity for writers to be chosen to work with a professional editor on their as of yet unpublished novel. You can find out more about it here   Check out the bios of other authors here:   My novel is YA Magic Realism entitled, ONCE ON THEContinue reading “#Revpit Bio”

Check out my guest post on the All the Way Ya Blog! Thanks for reading

As querying writers, we face rejection almost daily. It can be difficult to stay positive waiting for that one yes! in an ocean of no’s. Here are some self-care tips and positive thinking strategies that have helped to keep me on the sunny side: Remember our journeys are our own. It does no good to […]Continue reading “Check out my guest post on the All the Way Ya Blog! Thanks for reading”

Loved This Book!

Helena lives in the beautiful and vast wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her parents, in a cabin with no electricity, heat, or water. All she has to read are old copies of National Geographic . She is 12 years old when she first sees another human being. Over time, she learns thatContinue reading “Loved This Book!”


I loved this book as a kid, and I recently purchased a copy to own so I could reread whenever I wanted. It scared the patootie out of me back then! I loved scary books and movies more than anything. It’s everything in a scary book that you can hope for; a haunted house, aContinue reading “Falloween!!”

June 8 Is World Ocean Day!

Learn more about our earth’s oceans here   Take a stand and help oceans by reducing your use of plastic.   Use cloth shopping bags, drink from a reusable water bottle, and no more straws! It’s that simple. Visit Project Aware and see how they work to protect our oceans. Become aware of the effect thatContinue reading “June 8 Is World Ocean Day!”

Paris Agreement

This is a photo of the first ever solar tree! It is located in the city of Nevers, in central France, that is currently experiencing a heat wave, along with the rest of Europe. This tree has in interactive LCD built into its trunk and offers docking stations to charge devices, free wifi, and powersContinue reading “Paris Agreement”

OMG, OMG, You Guys!!!!!

I was picked for  Author Mentor Match !!! And I’m so happy and still freaking out and can’t believe it!!   Author Mentor Match or AMM is a wonderful program of writers who volunteer their time to mentor unpublished writers by working one-on-one with them by offering advice, support and ideas to improve their work, andContinue reading “OMG, OMG, You Guys!!!!!”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month #SAAPM

  Each day I will tweet a book that has helped me. 30 books in 30 days. Tell me the books that you would recommend in the comments! Here are my first three. S. by Slavenka Drakulic and      The Lovely Bones and Lucky by Alice Sebold.