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Hi. Welcome to my bio for #revpit, a great opportunity for writers to be chosen to work with a professional editor on their as of yet unpublished novel. You can find out more about it here   Check out the bios of other authors here:


My novel is YA Magic Realism entitled, ONCE ON THE RIVER.

Most of my writing is set in the fictional town of Two Rivers, Illinois, and explores what I call, survival spirit; that the human spirit is unbreakable and possesses an unlimited ability to rise above and overcome anything. This novel set during The Great Depression was inspired by this famous Dorthea Lange photograph, Migrant Mother, taken in Nipomo, California in 1936  at a camp for seasonal agricultural workers 175 miles north of Los Angeles. The lady’s name is Florence Owens Thompson.


I remember seeing it first as a young child and being haunted by it. Her beautiful face, the worry and strength in her eyes, her children huddling around her. I never forgot her.

As an adult I listened to the stories of my own family who grow up at that time; how they passed down shared shoes until someone’s toes were sticking out, how they felt lucky to be warm and full at night.

Ruby Ash, the MC of my novel starts out at a scary place; she and her mom have just escaped her violent dad in the middle of the night. Where will they go? What will they do? And things don’t improve for Ruby, either. In the middle of the book, she falls into the Underworld, and finds a mirror image of her own world and must face her monsters in order to survive and find her way home.

While writing this book, I stared at this beautiful painting quite often,  – The Return of Persephone (1891) by Frederic Leighton


The expression of Demeter’s face, the look in Persephone’s eyes and her outstretched fingers pierce my heart.

I also listened to these two songs a lot:

“Mother,” by Tori Amos


“Praying,” by Kesha

Some recent faves:


Thank you for reading my bio and good luck to everyone entering!!!



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OMG, OMG, You Guys!!!!!

I was picked for  Author Mentor Match !!!

And I’m so happy and still freaking out and can’t believe it!!   Author Mentor Match or AMM is a wonderful program of writers who volunteer their time to mentor unpublished writers by working one-on-one with them by offering advice, support and ideas to improve their work, and guide them through the perils of publishing.

Chelsea Sedoti,  author of the awesome THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT, picked my book and chose to work with me!! I love Hawthorn so much and am so thankful and happy for this opportunity to work with such a talented writer as Chelsea, who wants to help me make my book the best it can be.

She is so funny and kind in her emails and I hope I wasn’t too much of a big dork.

This is how I was trying to be:

 This is what I really was:

I will keep you posted….